Rosearyhill School Focusing on English and Art courses

Rosearyhill Secondary School 

Focusing on English and Art courses

Rosearyhill School adheres to the fine tradition and values ​​the development of all students. Among them, it has achieved fruitful results in English and Art education.
The following website introduces the school's teaching models and outstanding achievements in English and Art:
You can take a look at the teaching tenet of Rosearyhill School.

Rosaryhill Secondary School Spiritual Education

Rosaryhill Secondary School

Spiritual Education

Since 2016, Rosaryhill Secondary School has implemented Spiritual Education into carious aspects of campus life. It is hoped that mindfulness can facilitate students' moment to moment awareness of body, mind and spirit. 
There are numbers of environment-releated activities have been planned for all classes, including: Class Banner, Class Plants, Spiritual Zone, Mindful School Bell, 5-minute Meditation Time.
The following page is a brief introduction of the school's integration of spiritual education into campus life:
The school hopes that students will develop their minds through spiritual education, thereby inspiring their imagination and creating unconventional art work. On the other hand, spiritual education will help them establish correct values, spread love and care to others.

Chiu Chow Secondary School Overseas Exchange Activities

Chiu Chow Association Secondary School provides diversified learning experiences for students to find their own way forward. Therefore, at different times of each school year , the school organizes different study groups for students at all levels to experience success through diverse learning experiences through overseas interdisciplinary learning activities .
The following websites are special areas for overseas exchange activities . You can see how they are enjoyable during the oversea activities:
In order to enable all students to participate in the overseas study activities, the school will not screen out the students. If students have financial difficulties, the school will also issue a large allowance, or even let them participate free of charge, so that each student can experience the study tour and broaden their horizons.

Chiu Chow Association Secondary School  Successfully selected for the "School Startup Plan"

Chiu Chow Association Secondary School 

Successfully selected for the "School Startup Plan"

The "School Startup Scheme" is a comprehensive school improvement pilot scheme. The objective is to select 10 progressive and positive value-added secondary schools. Each secondary school will provide $2 million in financial support for each secondary school for a period of three to six years. 150 million to help schools provide better education services.
This year, Chiu Chow Association Secondary School was successfully selected as one of the funded schools after careful selection by the Wharf Group . The Wharf's sub-business segment will provide support to schools, such as sending employees to interact with students , visiting institutions, and providing vocational lectures. In addition, the school also received professional support from the Chinese University of Hong Kong for selected schools.
With the full support of Wharf and the Chinese University of Hong Kong, students from the Chiu Chow Association Secondary School will be able to break through and thrive.
Here is the website: